Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Review - Obstacles Welcome, by: Ralph de la Vega.

Obstacles, challenges, trials, everyone has them. But how do we deal with them? This could well be the question you are faced with. When reading this book you will find how you can face challenges in practically an situation and find ways to overcome them and learn from them in order to become a better person. Whether business or personal, Ralph de la Vega explorers how obstacles he faced, both in business and personal life and shows through anecdote how to face those obstacles and become a better leader and person. Starting with his journey to the United States as a young boy to his current position of President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, de la Vega shows how the obstacles he faced helped him become the leader that he is.

As an educator and a married man, I am placed into the position of leader on a daily basis. Reading through de la Vega’s book had me constantly thinking how well I could implement his suggestions and ideas into my personal and professional life. I found it greatly interesting learning not only how to be a better leader, but also in learning about some of the details of the workings of a cellular company. Although the word religion is rarely used; honor, integrity, leadership, credibility, and perseverance and faith in the most demanding of challenges are but a few examples of how the ideas in the book fit solidly into the Christian perspective. I found it an awesome experience to read and learn about leadership, and how dealing with challenges gives you the insight and education you need in order to become a better leader and to climb higher in the leadership ranks.