Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elemental Journal

The Elemental Journal by Tammy Kushnir, is a beautiful step-by-step illustrated guide on making keepsake journals using items that many people would consider as “junk” and even toss aside. I got this book as a book-review blogger for Booksneeze. Taking the time to look for items, and using the inspiration from the book, you can use the guide to make wonderful little journal that will give cast-aside items a new life. The book details wonderfully how to make a variety of different journals from materials that can be found laying around the house or the back yard.

Even though I knew that this book wouldn’t have as much Christian content as many others I decided to review it as an art teacher and as an enthusiast. I found myself thinking of ways to reproduce the items mentioned in the book and also adaptations that I could make to the ideas as well as how to incorporate them into my art lessons. Often all one needs for inspiration is a few examples and ideas and this book does a great job of offering them.