Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School has officially begun

I had my first Art classes today. They were fun to say the least. I had the students make line drawings by revealing small sections of a picture a little at a time. To avoid them "guessing" how something should look I had the picture upside down as they were drawing so they had to concentrate on what they could see rather than what they "thought" they should see.

Grade 1 to 3's drew a grumpy, short, fat, old man. while the Grade 5's drew a backpack.

Since students are eager to take home their original pieces and these were 8 1/2 by 11 I scanned them into my computer and printed them out for display. They are a representation of the real thing but at least the students got to take their art work home.

Two statements that students made to me today that had me chuckling.
- One student was late getting work done, and made this comment. "Tomorrow I won't dream, I'll just work"

Another student had a number line to count on. when asked to count backwards from 15 to 5 gets this puzzled look and replies "I would, but I don't have enough fingers."

Cheers. Until next time.

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